Saturday, January 28, 2012


                                        The sampler pictured above is from the book Creating Decorative Paper

Painting with Rollers or Brayers 

This technique is simple and effective. The results can be stunning.

A brayer is a printmaking roller that's very handy for creating special effects on paper or canvas, but you can use a regular old paint roller or a sponge or foam roller, too.
  1. Spread old newspapers on your work surface. 
  2. A large piece of glass or plexi (with the edges taped for safety) can serve as the flat surface upon which to spread your paint or printing ink.
  3. Roll the brayer in the paint/ink until it's well-covered thinly, not too juicy.
  4. Roll a straight or curvy application on your paper of choice. Repeat. Leave some areas unpainted if you wish.
  5. Add a different color to the glass and mix it with the previous color if desired. Or clean the brayer and the glass and try another color entirely.
(Here, a few sparkles of the original white paper have been left, unrolled!)
I plan to post several more easy variations using paint rollers very soon, so please check back!  

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