Friday, February 3, 2012

Painting with a Roller, Part II

The first example is similar to one shown in my last post, done with a hard rubber printmaking brayer (or a foam roller). Remember, you can curve or zig-zag as you roll on the ink or paint.

The next photograph, below, demonstrates the use of a cheap foam roller to which I took a pair of scissors! Just cut out gouges here and there in the foam, at random or symmetrically. Then ink up the roller evenly on a pane of glass or on a flat sheet of metal, plexi, or china. Use block printing ink, acrylic paint...even tempera will work (but it won't be permanent).
Here, I allowed each color to dry before proceeding with the next, but how about THIS for an idea: Ink your roller with two different colors, one on each side, and roll them simultaneously? Choose colors that work well together.

What an easy way to create decorative papers!


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