Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't You Just Hate It When That Happens?

OK, this posting isn't all about mixed media art. And I'm not a hater. Really. But don't you just hate it when someone says "further" (for distance) when they should say "farther"? Maybe it doesn't bother you, and I understand that. But don't you just hate it when...
  1. The little skirt on the "Women" restroom sign is so small that the figure barely looks different from the figure on the men's room?
  2. Even in a retirement community, some of the popular "kids" still bully the others?
  3. Physicians and nurses, who should know better, are unhealthily obese? And they're YOUR doctor and his/her nurse?
  4. You forget a person's name or the name of an object, and these are words you've spoken a thousand times before?
  5. You've been standing at the end of a long line forever, only to have another customer walk up and nab first place at a newly-opened register?
  6. The sight of an older, unattractive man with a hot wife makes you think, "He's got money." ?
  7. The slow, SLOW driver ahead of you makes it through the yellow light but then the light turns red?
  8. The only birthday cards you get in the mail are belated ones?
  9. We never learn from the past; we just keep sending our boys off to war?
Lesson on Glue Resist

This colorful example is on dyed paper, but you can try it on printed papers, textbook pages, gift wrap, or whatever your creativity leads you to use.
When/if the paper is dry, simply squeeze out white craft glue, fabric glue, or any acrylic medium that dries clear. Dribbling tar gel works very well. Make organic lines and shapes with the glue, or create a geometric design, or write words and symbols.
Allow that to dry, and wash over the entire page with a thin coat of paint in a contrasting color.
Okay, so my finished page turned out hideously ( don't you just hate when that happens?) and I am not showing it here, but I'll bet yours is better!


  1. Oh, DO show your finished page!! Or do another one and show that. OK?? You are leaving us hanging!!! - Jane

  2. Love that glue resist = )I like what I see ???what is wrong with it ???? = )
    I want to thank you for visiting my blog = )and leaving a comment...I appreciate it ....



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