Wednesday, November 11, 2015


For your collage or mixed-media works, here's
an easy, quick dynamic duo.
 These ideas work well not only to serve as backgrounds but also as decorative papers to be torn or cut and added as needed.
First up is a method so simple it's almost embarrassing! Paper doilies or crocheted or lacy fabrics make great stencils for spray paint. And you can use the painted materials later!
collage, how-to
Remove some, add some, and spray again!
Wallpaper makes a wonderful start or mixed media material. Attach a sheet of it to a substrate if you wish to fill in a background fast. The floral below was embellished with painted flowers and stems. It's not a finished artwork in my view, but  I'm saving it for possible future use. I can picture torn pieces coming in handy, maybe.
Guhin, mixed-media
Ask your paint dealer for a discontinued wallpaper book or two!


  1. I like having permission to start with doilies / wallpaper and go on from there. As for spraypainting, sometimes when I'm spraypainting something practical (not an art project), I save the newspaper I put down on the ground underneath to use later for collage projects. The text will show through the paint in places adding another bit of visual interest. Sometimes I like to put some nicer, plain paper underneath and save that. Now you've given me another item to stick under the object being painted! I don't aim to saturate the paper underneath, but let it catch whatever random overspray there is. As quick and effective as spraypainting is, I always feel like lots of the paint is wasted, ending up on the newspaper that is then thrown away. Saving it saves both time and money. Ready-made collage papers.

    1. OMG, Cat, why didn't I think to say all that?! You are soooo right, right on, sister. All your input is so much appreciated. Another thought (see how you inspire me?): Slightly crumple some newspaper or other papers to place underneath, if you want even more variety!
      Thanks again, Cat.


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