Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Original Sin: The Theme for a New Assemblage

The title is Eve, naturally!
I'll start with some of the materials and how I begin most of my assemblages or shrines. Then I'll show you how I actually start (Hint: It's with the support! No surprise there.) Finally, I'll explain my planning process and, at last, display several views of the finished piece.
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I've begun painting the inside of this wooden box.
If you've been longing to assemble a found-object sculpture, you will likely choose to build it 
Guhin, assemblage
Possible containers to hold an assemblage.
in or on a support of some kind. It's my choice to use adhesives rather than power tools or welding. (I'd probably burn the house down or cut off a body part that I'm rather attached to!) 
Do you have an idea, a theme, even a motif that you'd like to use? It's easy to come up with inspirational concepts if you are passionate about particular ideals. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but (ugh, a cliche) follow your heart! What are your obsessions?
It helps to pull out some of the junk you've been saving--some of it might spark an idea.
I gather objects and materials that may fit my theme, trying to use what I already have (but a trip to the thrift shop might be necessary).

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I didn't use the butterflies shown here.
Next, I plan on paper, a rough idea of what goes where, but I advise to stay flexible and change your plans as needed. With Eve, I altered the box, the figure, the Garden elements, even the snake with acrylic paint and/or modeling paste. A sharp little hand saw and a pair of pliers were also necessary. 
mixed-media, assemblage
Stucco, metal & plastic leaves, & pa
Notice that I added another boxy element on the top to balance, hold the viewer's eye, and unify. The piece was inexpensive to create, and it can even be wall-hung if desired.
assemblage, found+objects
Can you find the eye of God?
Here's the back view:

found+objects, mixed-media
Major texture.



  1. The texture looks very interesting!
    This really looks FAB!

  2. Thanks, are sooo good at making people feel good about themselves!


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