Friday, March 20, 2015

SCRAPING & SCRIBBLING - Fun with Transparencies

I've discussed "bad" photos in this space before. Here's a great way to rid yourself of distracting backgrounds and add some great doodling, which is always fun.

First, I printed out my own, original photograph (below) on transparency film.

Guhin, transparency
LOVE these flowers...Birds of Paradise!

Then I used a scratch tool to scrape away the background, working on the emulsion side.
Next, a fine permanent marker or two (in black), and I really enjoyed this part!
Tips for variations: Try colored markers if you wish, or metallic ones. And try both wide and thin tips!
I mounted mine over white paper, but you could use colored art paper instead...oooo!

photography, transparency, scratch
Note that I left selected elements of the original background, too.

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  1. Somehow I missed this tip when it was first posted. What a nifty idea! Thanks, Paula!


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