Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MAKE A GORGEOUS ACRYLIC SKIN! How to Create a Swirly Embellishment

This lesson is so easy that even a child could make something beautiful! When it's thoroughly dry, use the acrylic skin as a collage element in a painting.

You will need :
  1. a disposable plastic or aluminum container 
  2. acrylic gel medium, glossy (thinned to a smooth, creamy consistency) or tar gel
  3. liquid acrylic colorants (I like airbrush colors)
  4. eyedropper or other tool to drip colorant
  5. feather or other tool to drag through

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Acrylic Skins are Easy to Make

Pour the acrylic medium into the container (I used the cover of a CD pack, since they are too nice to throw away!). 

Then drop the colors of your choice here and there. Use a brush, a bottle with a nozzle, or an eyedropper to place the drips.

Next, drag a tool through the medium, swirling the colors as you go. Do as much or as little marbleizing as you like. The acrylic medium dries quite clear, but it takes a day or three, so be patient, set the container aside, and wait.

I removed the circular shape I made quite easily when it was dry enough, by picking at one edge with a sharp tool and simply peeling it up. The shapes you make can be cut with scissors, too!

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  1. I was looking for tutorials on acyrylic skins and found your site on Google.
    The skins are really nice but, more important, your entire site is amazing and your humor is so, shall I say, different!!! lol
    I am so glad to have found your site.
    North Carolina


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