Monday, June 4, 2012


Embedding textures on a canvas is a great way to create a rich, tactile surface!

1. A rigid substrate might be best. Cut thick paper into shapes, or used embossed paper. For this example, I used textured, paintable wallpaper. Or, instead of thick paper or cardboard, try heavily-textured cloth, buttons, or anything else you wish to incorporate.

texture, painting, collage
Steps 1 and 2

2. Glue the items to the support. Here I used a canvas that had been painted orange. Let the adhesive dry.

Collage, painting
Step 3

3. This step is where the "embedment" comes in. You may wish to blend in some of the edges of the pieces, to make the additions a real part of the background rather than simply pasted on. Apply molding paste or joint compound with a painting knife, softening some of the edges of the added pieces. Let dry before proceeding.

4. Paint a base coat of one or more colors, perhaps wiping some off here and there. I used acrylics. When that is dry, "antique" the piece with a dark wash or two, again wiping where desired. And/or drybrush some highlights back in to the artwork.

collage, painting
Step 4 Before Finishing
The finished work, at right below, is non-objective,
since there is no apparent subject matter, only pure color and shape.

texture, collage, acrylic painting
The finished collage painting looks very different now!

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  1. Great, just what I have been looking for - desperate for inspiration and this is IT.
    Many thanks Paula - cant wait for the new book

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