Monday, June 25, 2012

The Book Is Out Now! See these artworks and SOOO many more!

The first artwork, below, is a collage/painting that's almost entirely non-objective. The colors are mostly very neutral. Read more about it in Painting with Mixed Media, available now!

Painting with Mixed Media
Order the book here!

The collage/painting below is in the book, too! It was done using the grid system. Learn what materials went into this artwork when you read the book, which is loaded with tips, techniques, how-to's, step-outs, and lovely art to inspire.

abstract, art book, grid method
Another non-objective artwork!




  1. Amazon is promising delivery by June 29! I can't wait! :) :) :)

  2. Paula, thank you for including me in the book. My copy came yesterday and I love it. I wonder why I didn't get a professional photographer for my head shot? I see clutter over my shoulder on the kitchen counter as usual but my 3 art pieces look super. I will enjoy reading all the great techniques and trying out a few in the months to come. Nancy

  3. This book sounds brilliant! I'm really looking forward to getting a copy to enjoy and to be inspired by.

  4. Thanks, you gals...I really appreciate it!


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