Saturday, June 6, 2015


(My apologies in advance for those of you who prefer your mixed media without the addition of transparencies.)
I find copies so versatile and fun that I've experimented endlessly with them in many guises. I've also posted about them in this space numerous times, so please bear with me if you've been a long-time follower.
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I printed this out on my home computer.
I used an original
leaf photo of my own,
altering it in Photoshop
for a very colorful
TIP: Note the
white spaces,
necessary for this
activity. Also remember
that your own
background cannot be
too terribly dark, or
you will lose contrast.

Next, I altered a
photo portrait to
pure black (and
clear), very
graphic (no gray).
I printed that 
transparency, P.Guhin, how-to
Try other backing sheets too! Sooo fun.
onto transparency
film, and lay it
over the colorful
background image.

Below, another idea!
I merely used soft
pastels to create a
gradient effect on good paper the same
size as my transparency (of a person on a dock, framed by foliage). Then I just sandwiched them together. So simple and yet, I think, quite striking.
tutorial, technique, Guhin  
Some of you might prefer more color in the sky.
PRIZE AWARDED TO A FOLLOWER! For those who participated in last week's contest,
the winner is Julie Mortillaro. Congrats to her, and
my sincere thanks to the others. Julie, please
privately send me your usps mailing address.

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