Sunday, May 17, 2015


I had some black tagboard and the urge to experiment!
Any black or dark surface will work with this method: how to make lovely metallic paper for collage or backgrounds or whatever you wish. (TIP: Tape the paper down!)
You'll also need interference paints (acrylics) and a crackle medium.
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I tried another crackle brand too, and it worked as well!

First, mix just one of your interference paints in a small container with water to thin it, and set aside. I did not do that with the gold paint, and it was too thick to work, as you will see later.
Next, apply crackle medium thickly to the black substrate, and work fast so it doesn't dry before the next step.
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This is just the wet crackle medium on black.
Then quickly drip the thin interference paint into the wet surface. It will spread and maybe even separate a bit. 
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The gold paint didn't work because it was too thick!

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  1. Cool idea. Will try this. May try a variation of. Will let you know if it works.


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