Saturday, June 15, 2013


First, my thanks to Shauna for saying she actually likes my scattered approach of covering many disciplines in this space! I may be slightly schizophrenic, but I do like to try everything from assemblage to fine art painting to pure collage to hybrids! It's a sickness, but I enjoy it, and I hope the viewers do, too.

In honor of Independence Day, which is coming up sooner than we think,
I'm working on a collage/painting and showing you the process, step by step.

  • First, I gathered together images, papers, costume jewelry bits, even an old red belt with star grommets.
tute, tutorial
Be sure to find some text and maybe some postage stamps, too!
  • Then I began from the back, gluing larger torn shapes to my substrate. I also made a plan for the pieces that would come later, overlapping them with the design elements and principles in mind.
collage with painting
Still not finished. I haven't added any paint yet.

  • Stars, flag pin, and pieces of the belt came next. Finally, I added acrylic paint (mostly black and white) to partially obscure some areas, enhance others, and to add a sense of depth.
art tutorial
The finished collage/painting.





  1. I marvel at your collage skills. Mine always look like a random pile of stuff that fell on a puddle of glue accidentally. How do you decide where to put everything, and where to add paint?

    1. Thanks so much for asking, dear heart! Balance is very important, with color, value, and sizes. Notice how the reds are arranged, above? A focal point to which the eye is drawn is also of great import. The pilot was a definite focal point. I used darks to simulate shading and whites to lessen the impact of some areas. I hope this info makes sense to you!


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