Saturday, June 8, 2013


I found this old rocking chair on a pile of discards. But you can use an old door, a bench, a stool. or a wooden shutter as a painting surface!

painting on wood
One arm was missing, so I removed the other one.

painting furniture
I filled holes with wood putty and let dry.

I used sandpaper not only to smooth the wood but also to take the shine off the surface. Then I wiped it with a damp cloth.
painting on wood

A smooth coat of gesso came next.
After the gesso was dry, I began to paint with acrylics.
painting furniture artistically

I even decorated a pillow with fabric paint to use as a cushion...

             But I prefer the plain gold-colored pillow with the finished product.
Painted chair.


  1. LOVE the idea just not all the mixed up colors...Just not my style i guess. Wherever did you find such a great piece? Hugs! deb

  2. Paula, this is great!! Your chair makeover is my style exactly! I'm sure it was time consuming but I imagine it was also a really fun project.

    Do you remember those school desks that the top opened up to put your books and such in and the chair was connected? I found one from the early '60's and bought it to art it up. Your post has inspired me. I should have my husband dig it out of the garage so I can get started on it!

    I like that you don't focus just on one genre. I enjoy trying all different things too and when my health doesn't permit me to always do what I want when I want I can enjoy your exciting art!

    I would love to see a tour of your studio some day. Have you ever made a video of it? I may do that as soon as some needed repairs (I overloaded a wall shelf and the drywall retaliated) are made. Anyway, thanks for sharing another "rockin'" (sorry, I just couldn't resist) piece! Oh, that was really bad! :)

    1. Oh, Shauna, I'm so sorry to hear that your health sometimes gets in the way...but your attitude is 100% terrific! Yes, work on that old school desk out in the sun if you can, and I really hope it turns out as fabulous as you are. My so-called studio is a mess right now, but I am going to de-clutter on the next rainy day!


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