Monday, September 10, 2012


Even a shoe (or two) can become a blank canvas--create cool kicks that you can actually wear, if you dare. Then step out in style! This lesson will show you how to make art from a pair of old shoes. Paint, collage, and embellish them to your heart's content!

  1. Smooth leather shoes (Note: Canvas shoes work, too!) 
  2. Gesso and acrylic paints (including paint writers) and paint brushes
  3. Enhancements as desired (sequins, coins, lace, imagery, etc.)

altered art, how-to
I like a wedge heel: more surface to decorate!


1. I love to give thrift shop shoes a new life. First clean them, let dry, and gesso them. Use two coats if necessary, drying between coats. (Lightly sand smooth if preferred.)

2. When the gesso is dry, paint with acrylics. If you don't want to paint          freehand, preferring shapes to fill in, 
first draw outlined shapes with dimensional paint-writers. When dry, the lines form borders to hold each color in its place.  
technique, upcycle shoes, decorate shoes, alter a shoe
Squeeze-paint is an easy way to keep painted shapes neat.

3  Incorporate printed words or pictures,   your initials, charms, crystals and other small, flat objects.   When the adhesive is dry, seal with clear acrylic.
altered art, how to, painted shoes
A pair of unwanted shoes become works of art!


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