Monday, April 16, 2012


This project is so easy, and yet the results can be very striking! 
Use the papers as artworks in themselves, or as backgrounds or collage elements in other works.


  1. Absorbent, smooth watercolor paper
  2. Liquid fabric dyes
  3. Leaves with prominent veins
  4. Pane of glass or plexi, and heavy books

  1. Arrange a variety of leaves (different sizes and shapes) on a pre-dampened sheet of watercolor paper. Add a few grasses here and there if you like.
  2. Flood the paper with vivid, beautiful colors of liquid fabric dye. (Liquid watercolor paints or inks work, too.) Select a few colors, lighter and darker, that work well together.
  3. Place the sheet of glass on top, and a heavy book to weigh it down. Let dry overnight. Try several of these, since results can be mixed.
[cool colors]

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  1. Hi Paula:

    Do you suggest a watery mixture, or does a thicker mixture work best. I know either would produce unique effects. What do you prefer?

  2. Sandi, thanks so much for asking! I like to put down a watery mixture that's lighter first, and then lay in some darker, intense areas around the foliage.

  3. Hi Paula -

    Do you put your leaves vein-side down on the paper?

    And thank you for all that you do for your readers (fans!).

  4. Cheryl's question reminded me of something can put your leaves down vein-side to the paper below them, but you can also add a paper sandwich of sorts, and lay another sheet of paper on top of the leaves before the glass goes down!
    Paula at Mixed Media Manic

  5. Hi, Paula -

    That's a great "two-for-one" idea. The paper underneath the leaves would have more defined veins, and the paper on top of the leaves would have a more subtle pattern, but... two-for-one nevertheless - and I love two-for-one!

    Thank you, Paula!


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