Tuesday, October 11, 2016


 Today’s post is an addition to or further exploration of my last post, where I used Future floor polish (now called Pledge Floor Care with Future shine), basically a clear acrylic emulsion about as viscous as vegetable oil. I learned that it was a great extender or flow improver. Future floor polish is also both a great clear coat on finishes (especially on Yupo!), and a barrier between two different kinds of finishes.

Thin, flowy acrylics can be used to drip, spatter, pour, as an ink in pens, airbrushes, and squeeze bottles. They also make great glazes, especially when added to clear acrylic medium. But thinning acrylics can be tricky! Your paint MUST be like skim milk WITHOUT any lumps! I thinned and creamed the tube or craft paint with a little water first.
Many of you may already know that isopropyl alcohol can be splattered into wet, fluid acrylics to create a cool effect.
Well, it can also be used as an acrylic paint thinner! But this time I will discuss another unconventional, unexpected thinning medium. 

Guhin, blog
This stuff works great to liquefy acrylic paint!

Thinning Acrylics with Glass Cleaner
In its usual form, glass cleaner is a blue tinted liquid. Unlike the floor polish, glass cleaner has no acrylic binder so it cannot extend the paint, merely thin it. Glass cleaner has a tiny amount of detergent and some alcohol to reduce surface tension of the water. Most glass cleaners also have ammonia which helps to keep acrylic emulsions liquified.

TIP: Next time you finish a painting session with leftover paint, make some of it liquid and pour into a clean spray or squeeze bottle. Be sure to label the bottle as "fluid." 
Hey, thanks for viewing this post...I hope you try this stuff, as well as
the floor polish and the alcohol!
And have fun, fun, fun till your daddy takes the T-Bird away!

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  1. Omg :) what ingenious tips you share ! thanks -I am always amazed at your ideas! Looking forward to trying them!


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