Monday, January 25, 2016


This is my final post in the current series on handy suggestions.
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Brushes straight up!:

The best way to store brushes after cleaning them is to get a nice-size block of green florist's foam. Stick the ends in the foam, leaving the bristles to stand on their own.  
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Water drains from the ferrules this way!
Going straight:

When you want to paint straight lines, try an inexpensive pizza cutter. Thin the paint the same way you would for a liner brush, until it is an ink-like consistency. Roll the pizza cutter through it, then roll it on the canvas. Or try wooden skewers as painting tools. AND/OR the painted edge of a piece of cardboard. Cool!

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Mr. Clean Comes Through:
The "Mr. Clean Original Magic Eraser," which is mostly used for household purposes, removes dry watercolor paint if you first soak it (the magic eraser) in water, squeeze out the excess, and rub gently over the paper.

Painting tip:
Tone your canvas before use. This gives an immediate mid-tone to the painting, and you can start adding light and dark values right away. Or, if using gesso first, tint it first.

Make your own sepia paper:
To make beautiful, sepia-colored paper for art projects, soak sheets of heavy white papers in a casserole tray filled with warm, brewed coffee. Set sheets to dry on racks designed to cool baked goods. The cooling rack will leave an attractive design on the sheet -- to keep it plain, line racks with waxed paper. You may also wish to sprinkle sheets with the coffee grounds (to be dusted off later), leaving dark sprinkles of color.
MY PERSONAL THANKS to the followers who stick with me...I seem to take it hard when one quits, even knowing there are multiple possible reasons beyond control. DO let me know if you crave more mixed-media paintings, or assemblages, or whatever makes your little hearts beat faster. I live to serve.




  1. Great tips and ideas!!
    I'd like to try the sepia paper...Thanks, Paula!

  2. That Mr magic eraser is becoming indispensablesable!!!
    Thanks for these tips.

  3. That Mr magic eraser is becoming indispensablesable!!!
    Thanks for these tips.

  4. I always love your posts--tips, tricks, collage, mixed media, assemblages, wry and wicked jokes. Everything. Don't be offended if someone unsubscribes. I have 26,000 plus emails right now. That's just one of several addresses. I go through fits of unsubscibing because I know I'll never get around to reading everything. Often it is not a matter of my not liking a blog when I unsubscribe, just that I'm desperate to make it all more manageable. Sadly, I spend more time looking at other people's work than making my own. Anyway, all good tips today. What popped into my head when seeing the pizza cutter idea (cool!) was you could also use a tracing wheel used for sewing, to get a dotted line. (read it on another blog) And I suppose if you turn the paper over and press hard enough you'll get a raised line for texture, a la ScorPal, albeit carefully.


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