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In honor of July fourth, coming up soon, here's a study
in colored pencil using a flag or drapery.
This drawing project is quite challenging. Berol Prismacolor pencils are best.
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The student flipped 2 corners of the printed fabric.
The following colors are suggested:
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Tuscan red
  • Crimson red
  • Scarlet lake red
  • Blue-violet
  • Ultramarine
  • Indigo blue          
I like to pin the fabric folds into place on a large sheet of cardboard, since the entire activity takes a good amount of time to complete.
I always ask my students to use a large sheet of brown wrapping paper so they can work big! But you could work on white or toned paper if you wish.

Sketch very lightly in pencil first, blocking in the shapes and the folds.

TIP - Begin with the blue field first if you wish. One reason to save the white stripes for last is that you can protect the other colors with sheets of paper. Otherwise your reds and blues will bleed or smear into the white.
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Remember to add shading under the flag where needed, too!
TIP - Shadowed areas around folds require a touch of blue, not just black or gray!

Blending is key: An art gum eraser and a waxy blending pencil (made by Berol) will help lots. If your students are less experienced &/or younger, practice with solid fabric instead of stripes, as shown below. 
drawing, colored+pencil, how-to
White fabric with blue and violet shadows.

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