Friday, June 19, 2015


Here's your chance to throw...not caution,
but thread to the wind!
Okay, not even to the wind, but do try this art method. It's great!
(Needed materials are in bold print.)
For the example here, I used an old canvas with a collage - painting that didn't work. I wanted a primary color scheme of red, yellow, and blue, with white and black too. Before trying the art technique, I daubed on some acrylic paint to cover some areas here and there.
Guhin, acrylic, painting
This is a detail of the canvas already prepared for the painty thread.
When it was dry, I cut some sewing thread into a length of about 12". I wet the thread with water to condition it for the paint to come.
Next, I needed a chopstick, a stiff drinking straw, or a round paintbrush handle.  I dipped the stick into a cup of paint. Then I ran the damp thread through the glob of paint that was on the stick. After pulling the thread off the stick, I put the painty stick back in the cup. I held the thread by one end over an area on my canvas and tossed it down. Slowly, gently lift the thread up off the canvas to find a lovely, curvy mark!

tutorial, technique, how-to
Another close-up view, now showing some painted marks.
If you give this a try, reload and continue with more crazy curliness as desired. Don't over-do, of course, and use new thread if the old one becomes too stiff as the acrylic paint dries.

method, art+activity
The  finished collage - painting in its entirety.


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    1. Thanks, Sue. Coming from an artist such as yourself, that's good to hear. I think even kids could do this one if they're not too young.

  2. Hi! I'm looking for inspiration for the second issue of my magazine. You can see the number 1 in and you tell me if you want me to write about your blog;)
    sorry for my English

  3. What a good idea! Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Easter and kind greetings from the EU (A)


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