Sunday, April 26, 2015


I tried more methods of creating visual texture with CitraSolv on magazine papers...these decorative papers can be used in collages, mixed-media paintings, and more. Previous posts with tips on using CitraSolv can be found here and here!
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With the one shown above, I covered the entire page (taken from Elle magazine) with a thin coat of CitraSolv concentrate, and used the large-size bubble wrap, pressing it well into the solution. Then I just let it sit overnight!
Here's one, below, made with bubble wrap with smaller bubbles, and a page from Lucky magazine.
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Is this one your favorite too?

Next, I used plastic wrap, pushing and shoving it
into big wrinkles on the solution. See below.
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This one was done with a page from Bazaar.

Finally, I had a bottle of the blue school glue (it's washable), and I used it as a mask or a resist, let it dry overnight, and then rubbed with a CitraSolv-soaked cloth to remove the ink that wasn't protected. See above.

There's a section with examples of CitraSolv papers in the book, Creating Decorative Paper.

Thanks for viewing this post! (Let me know
if you're inspired to try some of these ideas.)


  1. I do these papers in my collage class. I will look into the book to share with my students! Thanks for the info!!

  2. I love using citrasol, on National Geographic magazine images . .. do they ONLY works on National Geographic?

  3. Wow, Paula! Just when I think there's nothing left for me to do, you create something wonderful, AND show me how to do it! Thank you so much for your generosity!

    (And the practical side is that you've proven that National Geographic (from certain years) is not the only magazine that will give fantastic results!)

    Thanks again ...


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