Saturday, February 7, 2015


Disguise an object, blend it into the background,
for a truly cool effect. Fool the eye!

Painters have used paint brushes
(see the top piece at this link)
and other objects in a manner similar to this idea.
Be creative with camouflage. It’s an exercise in disguise!

camouflage, mixed-media
Make a statement with your art!

  • A map, comics, poster, wrapping paper…even print fabric adhered to a sturdy surface. Cover the background. TIP: Choose a pattern that you will want to duplicate yourself.
  • A lightweight toy plane,  car, figure, animal, utensil, any smallish object that’s somewhat flat (low relief). Perhaps similar to or in keeping with the pattern you chose, OR you could go the opposite way (a snake in the beautiful garden, or a rubber knife on a background of images of harmless toys, for example).
  • TIP: Use sandpaper to rough up slippery plastic items.
  • Gesso the small object and, when dry, paint it to match the background. Place the (dry) object where it will eventually be glued, and mimic the parts of the pattern that are underneath, with paint. I.e., your goal is to camouflage the object and fool the viewer’s eye—at least from a distance! Seal with a clear coat when the painting on the object is finished.
  • Then adhere the low relief object, using a very strong adhesive such as heavy gel medium.
P.Guhin, copyrighted
When not viewed at an angle, the doll blends in much better.
Thanks for your interest in this project! - Paula


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