Saturday, January 10, 2015


Elsewhere on this art blog I have previously discussed a number of media and common household products to create many textures and to use with a wide variety of techniques. See plastic food wrap here, and masking fluid here.

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You can even use rubber cement as a resist material!
You can imprint designs with fabrics, too! Below are a few other techniques to remind you of the possibilities!
Today we'll use water-soluble media (liquid watercolors, fluid acrylics) on cold press watercolor paper which I taped down and pre-wet with water.
In the first example, I washed in deep color and placed wooden sticks in it at once. Then I let it dry with the sticks in place.   
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The wooden dots did not work!

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Ok, MY result isn't terribly good.
Try other items! You'll have better luck!
Another technique: Scratch into wet paper before washing color over...the broken fibers absorb color differently than the rest of the paper.   
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This method is good for scribbles, lines, grasses....
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  1. All cool effects. I followed the links to the other posts--fascinated by all your examples. Thanks. A note to others viewing this: click on a picture then scroll through each slide. I couldn't see the finished piece with the red/blue paint until I did this.

  2. BTW, I just stumbled on this website
    and thought you and your followers would enjoy her art work. I quite like the smashed metal pieces, and her recycled art. She's a sculptor, but I think her work has similarities to yours.

    1. Thanks for both your comments, Anon. They are always welcome. I can see where you found the similarity to Ms. Davis: She's a crazy lady too!


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