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Photomontage allows artists to splice together different images to make a statement. 

Photomontage began as a style of experimental photography in which the photographer makes a work of art by combining several different photographs. Before digital technology, this was often done with scissors and glue. The end result was then photographed and processed to get a seamless image. In modern times this may be easier to accomplish simply by using photo editing software. However, here we'll use the good, old-fashioned collage method!
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Easy collage using scraps of bad photos.

Here's an easy one, above:
I cut strips with a paper cutter.
Vary the widths and lengths 
for added interest. Arrange
the pieces on a backing of
matboard, trying them every
which way until your composition is pleasing.
When you glue the pieces down, leave mosaic-like 
spaces if desired.
TIP: If you don't care for the color of the matboard, 
use a ruler and marker to change it!

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Another image from my new photo book!
 The collage above was also done with strips, but without any spaces between them. Too, I added a few short pieces to the top and bottom, and staggered the edges for even more interest.

The next project, below, is yet another lesson using discarded photo papers. My advice? If you don't have many reject-photos to create this type of collage, make it from magazine or scrapbooking papers.

PGuhin, tutorial
I used 3 different photos of the same subject here.
Note: some edges were torn rather than cut, to better tie in with the subject-matter. My background was an enlargement that seemed boring to me. Before adhering the extra pieces, I used a black marker on their edges for more contrast.

I think the finished piece is far more successful than the original photos were. 

Which of the three collages do you prefer, if any?

All of them (and so many
more ideas!) appear in 
this book, below, available

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  1. Nice post!
    This is one of the lessons in my Collage Class.
    I love the last one.
    Please look at my Art Blog:

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sue. I like your blog and Modern Love very much! Sure did not mean to take or use one of your lessons, had no idea, truly. I just liked the effects!

  2. Oh, I haven't done this for years but it was so much fun! I think I was in Jr. High school!! I'm a little confused though because I was taught (as your work suggests) that a montage is made up of images. However, according to a site sent by a commenter to your linkedin page explained that it could be made up of text as well. I always thought collage could be images, text, found objects, etc. while photo montage was strictly images. Also, according to that site, which I didn't know a montage has to then make a new image. I didn't know it couldn't just cover a substrate like a collage does. So, I've either been completely taught wrong all these years (possible) or there are varying definitions of photomontage. As for the ones you have made here I really like the first 2. I like the color and linear design in the first. In the second the green catches my eye and the shape suggests movement drawing the eye around the entire piece. The last, while good work is just not to my taste as I don't care for brown. I feel mean saying that but I just wanted to tell you why and not because of the caliber of your work by any means!

    1. Oh Shauna, you could never be mean! I am so glad for the feedback, as usual. Thanks bunches.


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