Saturday, August 24, 2013


We've been adorning ourselves with found objects for thousands of years. The baubles in this post are accessories with a conscience. Jewelry can be made from repurposed paper, plastic, glass, wire, rubber, fabric scraps, bungee    cords, rope, metal washers, and much more.

 To make your own, unique bangle (below), you'll need colored papers in the hues of your choice. I used craft glue and snippets of magazine papers (and a coat of varnish) to take a tape roll from refuse to reuse! 
mixed media, craft
This handmade bracelet began as a nearly-finished roll of masking tape.

All you need to make a slip-on, unisex wristband or cuff are …
recycled art materials

handmade, recycled  … a soft, flexible old belt, superglue, scissors, and a metal ring.

Folk art jewelry by anonymous crafters:   The pin below at left makes use of walnut shells, and the pin at right is made of pop tabs.             

homemade pins
Rustic jewelry made with humble materials.

Next week, MORE altered art jewelry from recycled materials!

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