Friday, August 2, 2013


This contest is now closed, pending info from the winner!

I appreciate you and want to show my thanks by offering this blog candy to one lucky winner.  Do you like vintage clothing? The good people at ShabbyApple will award the lovely dress shown below to the follower of this blog whose name is selected at random from the comments below this posting.
All you have to do is comment here about an art doll you've made, an art piece using a garment, or anything else you think is appropriate! For instance, I would comment about how I love the old-fashioned "housedress" look or the pretty floral prints so popular now. A few days ago I posted a picture of a paper doll I made, which also seemed, umm...fitting.
Speaking of which, the winner will receive the dress in her size! Name will be announced Sunday, August 11, so you have until then to comment (once will do). 
(Sorry, the company will ship this prize only to U.S. addresses.)
prize, win, blog candy
Such a pretty dress, and you could win it!
Thanks for considering this post!
Best of luck from Paula, the Mixed Media Manic.


  1. Hello!
    Yes, I do love vintage clothing. Soooo, a story goes with my picture of "Ashley", my first real Victorian doll that I made a few months back. Her vintage dress is made from some vintage upholstery fabric that I found from a lovely store chocked full of toys, fabrics, and other collectibles from as far back as the early 1900s. You can see her here...
    You have a lovely blog and I do enjoy your work..

  2. Well, I guess I should have also said... I love that vintage dress!!!! lol!

  3. Paula, that's an adorable dress! For the Mount Dora show I made several lampshades using my mother's bridal veil, which, having been improperly stored, was in bad shape. I used the lace and the netting with knives (tableware) and pearls to illustrate the gentleness and harshness that can be found in marriage. A picture of it can be found here

  4. My amazing grandmother (who was born in 1895 & lived to be 95) was a very proper lady who had lovely linens she used for every occasion. I had one of her "everyday" tablecloths with a terrific large flower print with a white background. I knew it would be to much work for me to use daily, but I adored the print. So I made it into a blouse! Looks amazing with jeans or black slacks, very versatile and always many compliments! Thanks, Terry Janes

  5. The dress is lovely. You have inspired me to create a collage of Cinderella sweeping the porch of a house (a photo you graciously posted here for us to use). She is dreaming of the beautiful dress as she struggles to sweep away the peeling paint of the weathered porch and her humble life. The dream has at least put a little smile on her face.


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