Sunday, August 11, 2013


The randomly-selected winner of the retro-style dress in her size is Terry Janes! I do need the following information from Terry (privately, please) so the good people at Shabby Apple can send the prize out to her:

Zip Code:
Email ID:

Terry, please friend me on Facebook or send me an email through Google, whatever works for you. Congrats and I promise I will not use your info except to ensure that you get the lovely dress! And my thanks to the others who participated in the giveaway...I hope you will win a future contest right here at Mixed Media Manic!

Now for a couple of collages:
mixed media
This is a small piece, just 5x7".

collage, stamping
Postage stamps, tickets, and other ephemera, with stamped lines added.


  1. Paula, both of these collages are great but you have outdone yourself with the postage stamp piece!! OMG! It is fantastic! The color palette you used is great with the values being so similar. It is wonderful regardless but keeping the values analogous put it over the top. The added pen work was the detail that put a bow on it. Did it take a long time to do? Also, I was wondering with the "background" buildings at the top, did you use stamps there as well then paint or gesso over them to get the more faded look? I couldn't tell on the computer if those are stamps too or perhaps a map? Anyway, I love this and I could see this being used anywhere - living room, bedroom, an office, or one of those restaurants that has eclectic decor.

    I don't mean to ignore the other collage :) It's very cool. The background looks really complex with much layering, which gives great depth. They are both inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Shauna, as always you are insightful and thorough! Yes, I used bits of maps, stamps, ticket stubs, anything related to my "city" theme, and in the sky I did soften the colors with a wash of thin white! Just as you guessed! Thanks so much.

  2. Just wow! I especially like the city collage!! I saw your blog through LinkedIn - thanks - I've bookmarked it.

    1. Chloe-Cat, I am so glad you like the blog and that piece, too. I live for positive feedback, but of course I try to take gentle criticism as best I can too. Please follow me if you're interested in future contests, too.

  3. I couldn't agree with Shauna more! Incredible!

  4. Peggy, you are the best...I appreciate your words and they make my day.


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