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Want to "foil around" and create an effect to use with paintings, collages, and more?

I used a rub-on sheet of gold leaf, shown below, and patina solution.
metallic foil, antique effect
Gold leaf as rub-on sheets.
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Other patina solutions are available, too!
Caution: the antiquing solution eats through aluminum foil, so use plastic, waxed paper, shelf paper, or layers of old newspapers on your working surface!

In my experiment, I applied the copper metallic surfacer paint to the right side of my gold leaf paper, and the patina green solution directly to the left half.
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I prefer the right side, using both the coppery surfacer and the patina product.
 When the coppery paint was still tacky, not dry, I applied the patina solution to that side as well. Both sides were left overnight to dry.

Above is the result. Since it would flake off and perhaps tarnish, I sealed the surface with a spray varnish.

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