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This altered art project was done with a young child's thrift shop dress. Lesson instruction below, with advice and tips.
(It's an assemblage of sorts, to define it loosely.)

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 Select a small item of child's clothing that would lend itself to this project. I.e., I suggest a shirt or dress that can be sealed at the top. (It's okay to choose a print, since it can be gessoed later over all or in places.)

Next, crumple newspapers and tape them into an armature shape, to support the dress or shirt. Place the armature on freezer paper or waxed paper.  Slip a plastic bag over the armature to prevent sticking later.
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Taped support to hold the dress sculpture

In a flat, shallow pan, mix thick white craft glue about 1 to 1 with water, or use liquid acrylic medium instead. Soak the clothing piece thoroughly in the mixture, lift and allow the excess to drain back into the pan. (Save the excess mixture for another use!) Arrange the fabric as desired on the support. Be sure to check all sides before you let it dry. You'll want some fairly flat areas for later.

In a couple of days, the form should be dry and stiffened. Leave the support in place for now. Gesso and paint with acrylics if desired, either over all or in some areas. Let that dry before proceeding.

Collect found objects and images, words, old advertisements, etc. Choose embellishments that speak to the statement you want to make, your message. The dress here is a look at old-fashioned concepts of love, marriage, & kids versus a career.

Adhere paper and dimensional items with gel medium. When they are dry, you can remove the support if desired.     
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Child's dress, altered. Back view.
    mixed media manic

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