Thursday, November 29, 2012

Arts and Crafts are Alive In Mexico!

I'm still smiling from a lovely week in La Paz, Mexico. Be sure to get there soon, while it's still relatively unspoiled. I stayed in a wonderful inn near the beach, and loved the basin in my room.
Arts and Crafts in Mexico
A work of art and fine craftsmanship!

Along the Malecon I saw this giant sculpture made entirely of discarded plastic bottles. What a great visual to remind us of the importance of reusable water bottles.
Shark Sculpture

I took a day trip to Todos Santos, where I found this marvelous wooden shutter made of twigs, below.
Arts in Mexico
Weathered twig assemblage.          

Fell in love with  a ceramic mask, below,
and could not resist a Day of the
Dead magnet!                               
bread dough art
It's made of bread dough!
Mexican arts and crafts
Ceramic mask purchased in a Todos Santos gallery.

Todos Santos
Inside the Todos Santos Church
Todos Santos

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  1. Sound like a great vacation. Finding treasures, in another country, makes for a great experience.
    North Carolina

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time

  3. My thanks to Bren and Anonymous for commenting...I had been wondering if something was wrong with my site, and whether comments were disabled, but now I know they're not! Thanks, you two.


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