Saturday, August 18, 2012

Using Value in a Color Scheme

The Definition of Value
The value of a color is based on how light or dark it is. The easiest way to remember this is to picture a "grayscale," which runs from black to white with all the possible light, middle, and dark grays in between. The lighter the color, the higher its value. So a deep, royal blue is a lower value than a light, sky blue (a high value).
using values with color

Tip: An artist might find it helpful to use a variety of values in a single artwork, including white (or nearly white) and black (or nearly so).

Note: The scales below don't illustrate the lowest values (the colors with  lots of  black added).

high value, middle value, lower value, value scale
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  1. this was very usful, ill have to use this to my advantage now.


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