Sunday, January 30, 2011

Analogous Color Schemes Are Captivating!

Harmonious, related colors are always gorgeous together.

Take a good look at a 16-point color wheel. Analogous colors are those found immediately next to each other there. They look so pleasing together because they are a family of sorts.

Black, white, gray, and the neutrals such as beige and brown are not found on the color wheel,
but they certainly can be used in an artwork with analogous colors. Some analogous artworks
are done in all warm colors (reds, yellows, and oranges), while others, such as the 
sample below, use cool colors--anything  from violet to green. Or choose a combination
     of related warms and cools, an example of which is red, red-violet, violet, blue-violet, and blue. 

This still life was done with wax crayon and watercolors.

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  1. I only thought that analogous colors only meant either warm or cool colors, but finding out that related colors like red-red violet and blue-blue violet also fit the bill was interesting. Thanks for the post, and for the color wheel as well!


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