Monday, August 22, 2016


Painting loosely, freely, is a tool for beginners as well as advanced painters. Play! The goal is not necessarily to make paintings for exhibition. Rather, the goal is to allow yourself to loosen up, find your true creative self.

I bought three small squeeze bottles of acrylic paint. High flow is fun! Quin nickel azo gold, permanent violet dark, and green gold.

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Love these colors!
I also purchased Fineline
bottles with two sizes of
tips. For today's post, I
used the finer line, not
the standard.
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These are cool!
Before using either, I drizzled colored tar gel on watercolor paper. In a small container, I mixed clear tar gel with acrylic paint. (Wish I'd used a bit more tar gel, so the scribble would be more transparent! I meant to merely tint the tar gel.) The end result of this first step looks messy, but was fun to do.

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Wish I'd used less paint...this got too opaque.

After that was dry,
I painted with the 3
acrylics, wet on wet,
leaving some white.
I actually worked
directly from the
bottles, but spread
the paint with a wet
brush too. Wheee!
(High Flow Acrylics have an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques: hand-lettering, spraying, and much more. Use them with an airbrush, a dip pen, a refillable marker, etc.  I have the 1-oz. bottles that I can fit with a fineline head.)

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Not done yet. Looks sorta "intuitive," doesn't it?!
When that was dry, I used the fineline to accent some areas still further.
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Fineline applicators allow you to create complex designs and draw lots of cool lines. They make precise, accurate, controlled placements of liquid media possible.
Use them with acrylics, inks, gutta, watercolors, silk dyes, stains, water-based adhesives, glazes, and other liquid media. They have a cap and wire system that resists clogging. Buy them (empty) for about $9.00 for two of the same size. You can get replacement tips, too, which tells me maybe people DO clog them!
If you're inspired and can afford them, give these products a try. They're a blast!
(Attention Golden and FineLine, I'd love a few freebies if you read this!)

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  1. colored tar gel --my list keeps growing :) Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!


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