Saturday, August 27, 2016


I've been a big fan of Brusho Colours (can you tell they're from Great Britain?) for a long time. They're watercolor ink powders or crystals, and very versatile!
For the painting today, I used heavy-weight white Yupo. Yupo is good for mixed media, pen and ink, acrylics, even pencil! Today's example was first done with alcohol inks, which Yupo seems MADE for!  

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STEP 1: Leave some lighter areas too!

Alcohol inks dilute with, um, alcohol! And on Yupo you can blot them with a rag or blend in other alcohol ink colors while they're still wet. But on absorbent paper you can't do that as easily, and they do dry quickly.

STEP 2: Acrylic gloss medium (or satin, even matte medium!) is either brushed on in places or squeezed from a plastic bottle. ART TIP: Work quickly so the medium does not dry.
STEP 3: While the clearish acrylic medium is still wet, sprinkle Brusho crystals over it in colors that work with your scheme. ARTIST'S TIP: These powerful powders will leave a stain on wet fingers, for awhile at least!
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You can even add water wherever the powder needs blending.
This is such a super-fun technique! Easy, and great results for all ages!

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  1. Very interesting results! Have to go in search of those crystals :) Thanks for sharing so generously!


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