Sunday, April 10, 2016


I'm not afraid to say I really did fail with this acrylic painting. Don't know why my heart wasn't in it, but I've already scraped the art board so I can use it again. Below read what my intentions were! First photo, below, is just the beginning.
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I love the graceful lines of antlers, so I based my sketch on them.
Then I had the idea of painting bright, strong hues in some places, with their pastels in others, thus the unfortunate divider line.

My color scheme was red, yellow, and blue. When I didn't like the smooth effect, I thought texture might help...texture USUALLY helps, right? Right?
acrylic, painting, art+blog
Ugh. Sorry I couldn't display a masterpiece here, but everyone has their days. I hereby promise to post a motivational, inspiring, maybe even lovely mixed-media example soon! In the meantime, if you have a nice piece combining both pastels (high-value colors) and their vivid, pure counterparts, please let me know so I can add it here as what TO do! Thanks!


  1. Call me crazy, Paula, but I kinda liked it before the texture was added. The antler shapes gave it graceful movement, and I was intrigued by the figure formed by the negative space between the antlers. I didn't care for the colors, but otherwise it looked like it could have been a good foundation for an interesting painting. Just goes to show that art is extraordinarily subjective!

    1. Thanks once again for your wonderful are a thoughtful person and I value your words, especially since you're such a talented artist!

    2. Thank you! And so are you!


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