Saturday, August 22, 2015


I've done many posts about various kinds of resists (glue, soap, wax, and more). This is one of my favorites!
The process appears in four photographed steps in a book I co-authored, Painting with Mixed Media. 
Guhin, painting
It's really a beautiful book.
First, use heavy white paper. A smooth, thick watercolor paper is wonderful for this.
If you wish to sketch your design first, do so very lightly in pencil.
Next, use thick white tempera paint, applied wherever you wish the finished work to be white. (It's a challenge at times to only paint in lines and shapes in reverse, so to speak, since most of us are so used to working with darker lines first. But stick to highlights and lighter areas with the white tempera.)
Thirdly (is that a word?!), when the white tempera is dry, cover the entire piece with a coat of permanent black India ink. Apply it gently with a wide brush and let dry.
Lay the paper into a sink of cold water and gently sponge it until the tempera paint lifts off, taking the black ink with it. You're left with a black and white design reminiscent of a woodcut, perhaps.
This example was enhanced with washes of watercolors, but you can use inks, thinned acrylic paint, or pastels to add color if desired. 
Guhin, resist, tempera, project
Simple, but I loved the process!


  1. That's nice! I'm always eager to learn whatever else comes next!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Melli, and sorry to be so late with my reply. But do see my attempt at gouache resist if you have time!

  3. Awesome technique! I need to give this a shot... the finished painting looks really fun.

    1. Thanks, Anjuli, and do see my gouache resist too!


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