Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This one's as fun for adults as it is for kids! It's verrrry experimental, so be prepared to try several!
While you can use this technique to create collage papers, I skipped a step and used it directly on thick, absorbent paper upon which I had already collaged three butterflies.
First, allow the collage to dry well.
Next, use cheap shaving foam, not gel. Then spray the foam into a shallow container that's large enough for your collaged paper. (I used good, heavy journal paper and a baking pan.)
Spread the foam smoothly with a painting knife or scraper to make it rather flat.
I used a hodge-podge of alcohol inks, fluid acrylic paint, and even a waterbased spray paint to dot the surface with my colors of choice. Liquid watercolor also works!
how-to, Guhin
This is the shaving cream with inks and paints on it!
Swirl the colors a bit with a tool if desired. Then press the paper, images face down, into the foam. After a moment, lift and scrape off the foam to see your results.
 Note: You can use the foam again, adding more drops of color, unless it becomes "muddy".  Also, instead of a large pan,
you can place the foam on a big sheet
of Plexiglas.
collage, Guhin, technique
Can you find all three butterflies?

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  1. Neat. Your finished collage definitely looks cooler when I click on it to enlarge it, and all the butterflies show up. Bet it looks even cooler in person! I like the idea of putting the butterflies on first.

    1. You are too kind, my beloved Catnap! I appreciate your nice words, but felt it turned out awfully "busy." Still, it WAS an experiment! Thanks for commenting...I love reading the thoughts and ideas! Paula


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