Sunday, August 10, 2014

Alter a Photo for Collage (or just for fun!)

Scratch a Photographic Print  to Add Interest
I'll bet you have some commercially-processed photo prints that are less than perfect. Or maybe you have duplicates, or disappointing enlargements.
Here's how to have some fun with them...and if you goof up, it's no loss. If you like the effect, the "new" piece might stand alone--or you could work it into a painting or mixed media artwork.
First, soak the print in warm water (not too cool, please) to soften the emulsion. Gently blot dry.
Then just scratch away with a good, sharp tool! The technique works best in the dark areas of the photograph. The lines may be yellow or blue, depending on the print.
technique, tutorial
If you don't like it, cut or tear into collage pieces. 
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  1. This is beautiful. Love the technique.


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