Sunday, July 27, 2014

PROPORTIONS OF THE FACE - A Guide for the Novice

  1. First, draw an egg shape. The chin portion should be more narrow than the crown.
  2. Believe it or not, the eyes must be placed nearly halfway down! (Especially if you're drawing a young person.)
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3. In the lower half of the face, divide the space into thirds (with the bottom of the chin being the bottom of the final third). The bottom of the nose is at the bottom of the first third, and the bottom of the lower lip as at the bottom of the second third. These are only approximate proportions, of course.
4. The ears in the front view should not protrude too far. The top ear tip is about at the eyebrow, and the bottom of the ear lobe is about even with the bottom of the nose.
5. Don't forget to add a neck, and not too thin, either!
Finally, add lots of strokes for the hair. TIP: Youngsters often begin the hairline too low on the forehead. Don't do that!

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