Saturday, April 19, 2014


Last week's contest for the art book giveaway was won by Becky!
My thanks to those whose names were not selected. Becky, please contact me via email or Facebook to give me your mailing address for your prize!

Painting on the Back of Transparencies
Select a black and white photograph with high contrast, since the white areas will be clear on the transparency. (Here I used one of my own photos.) The clear areas are where the paint will show. If you inkjet-print the transparency, let dry and spray lightly with fixative so the ink won't smear. If your transparency was laser-printed, no worries about smearing!
I use acrylics on the back, rough side (where the ink is)
for two reasons: I can paint without being overly cautious,
even into the black areas a bit, and my "goofs" won't show
when I flip it over. Too, the other side is smooth and
glossy,which enhances the work.

art blog, P.Guhin
The back side looks messy!
mixed-media, painting
Flip it over when the acrylics are dry.


  1. congratulations to the winner!

    Paula: i have to say, i may not always leave a comment, but i ALWAYS enjoy the visit to your site.


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