Saturday, March 8, 2014


The first of these, more of a collage than a painting, honors my late Uncle Dan. Verrry late...he passed many years ago.  I used both black & white and colored transparencies of differing sizes, and I flipped some of them! 

Guhin, mixed-media
Dan farmed with cattle--can you tell?
The second work, truly both a painting and a collage, makes a very obvious statement. I've always liked certain blues with golden ochre colors, and the black and white aid with contrast. I sand-papered in places. This piece is more textured than is visible in the photo.

collage, painting, acrylics
Cruciform, yet a bit too formally-balanced, perhaps.
(It appears in the book, Painting with Mixed Media, published by Stackpole Books.)

mixed-media, art, collage



  1. nicely done. like them both, love the vibrant colors in the second one.

    1. Rebeca, how nice to "talk" with you! Hope you are well, my dear. And thanks for lovely comments.

  2. So you printed his photo onto an actual transparency—as in the type for an old overhead projector? I like the way he just pops out of the left side of the first collage. I may want to try this myself. I have a great collage concept, am on a tight budget, and have not done any type of Art in 30 years! Your blog has great ideas and is helpful. I like your work, too.


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