Sunday, January 26, 2014


Create this easy photo-paper artwork easily and quickly.
This vivid, colorful piece, below, reminds me of a billboard with layers and layers of posters that have been partially stripped off. Décollage comes from the French word décoller (take off, unstick). In art, we refer to décollage as a technique based on the appearance of advertisements peeled from billboards. The result leaves fragments of papers and the layering of previous papers.
P.Guhin, technique, art project
Collage, Copyright Paula Guhin
I used discarded, glossy photo prints, and tore the edges so white would show. 

TIP: If you don't care for the white accent, use a designer marker to color the edge!

My advice? Audition assorted prints and their colors, shapes, lines, and visual textures until you find a combination that POPS! My limited color scheme, above, did it for me. 

I used an enlargement as my background, adhering the torn strips to that.

Here's another example of décollage, below,  that I did with magazine papers.
(Art teachers, parents, and grands, please stay tuned here for another post, soon, on drawing with kids.)


  1. Cool. Looks like a fun way to work.

  2. This is great! Reminds me of deconstructed collage; one of my favorite ways to collage. I never thought of doing this with photos or many other ideas until I received your book! I don't know why. It's like I had a mental block about using photos to make art but of course use all kinds of other images. But, the only think I really ever did with photos was to paint them or color them with photo tinting markers and pencils and to make mosaic greeting cards with them that I saw on Carol Duval years ago. Your book has opened up so many new ideas using photos for me! Thanks!

    1. Thanks a million, girl! For anyone else reading this, the book Shauna got is called Adventures in Photo Artistry, and it's extremely reasonably-priced on Amazon!


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