Friday, October 11, 2013

A Dimensional Painting for Autumn

Don't you love this time of year? Crunchy leaves, browns, orange, golds and reds everywhere. Wood smoke in the crisp air, and nippy in the morning!

I created this textured artwork, below, on a canvas panel for sturdiness.  (Tip: When you use modeling paste or heavy gel medium in a thick application, a traditional canvas may sag.)

acrylics, Paula Guhin
The center leaf is the only one I built up with heavy paste.

Another Tip: Spackling paste is cheaper than acrylic molding paste and it works very well!

This piece is an example of both symmetry and  formal balance.  In other words, both halves have equal visual weight, and the two halves (either vertically or horizontally) quite mirror each other. That, my friends, is my  lesson for the day!

If you decide to make a dimensional piece, here's my final bit of advice: Allow plenty of time for the dimensional areas to dry.  (In fact, if you want really thick spots, build them up gradually or they might crack.) Then paint the piece when dry, and perhaps accentuate the texture later with a dark wash that puddles in the depressions. Wipe or drybrush the raised areas if desired for better highlights.

Paula Guhin, acrylic painting
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