Saturday, October 23, 2010

Texturize! Mix Your Own Texture Paste

This tip is from the new book from CPi, The Complete Photo Guide to Creative Painting. I co-authored it with Geri Greenman, a talented art chick from Chicago.
Fine gravel (even chunkier will work!) was mixed with modeling paste on the left. In the center, sawdust. And at right, clean eggshells that have been crushed.
Can you think of other materials to mix with molding or modeling paste? Chopped up threads, for example, or sand.
Thanks to the publisher for allowing us to show you this photo ffom the book, just one of many, many full-color pictures!


  1. This looks very cool- I think I might have to try this. Not sure what else could be used, what about shredded paper? You would probably need a lot of it. Oh - bird seed would be good because of the different sizes of the seeds. Have a great week:)

  2. You obviously suffer from bird-brainosis. Bird seed, indeed! Why not avocado seeds? You got somethin' against avocado seeds? Now there's texture for ya!

  3. Perlite (garden section) is light-weight and inorganic so it won't rot.


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