Thursday, December 17, 2009

Make Collage Elements From Acrylic Paint "Skins"!

Here's how to make fabulous embellishments for mixed media artworks, using acrylic paint.
  1. On a flexible, slightly textured plastic page protector, write words or make letters or shapes using thick acrylics. 
  2. Allow to dry thoroughly, and carefully peel off the plastic.
  3. Voila! An unusual enhancement for a collage or other artwork!


  1. Thanks for this another great tip and I LOVE your portrait on the right here x beautiful!

  2. beautiful pictures im highly impressed. I love music arts and education and this sparks all areas of my brain!!!

  3. what is the best way to mount the skins onto a canvas or canvas board? Just regular white glue? Acrylics? Special glue? I've been searching online and have yet to find this information.


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