Friday, January 1, 2016


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I used colored pencil here.
I hope to inspire you
with the content below
even if one or two are 
old pointers
(to you, anyway)
that you haven't
used in awhile!

Check your values: Before
adding the finishing touches
to your artwork, take a picture
with your digital camera using
the black and white setting,
or change it to black and white
on your computer. You'll be
able to quickly judge if your
values are correct. 

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Heat up the texture:
Have you tried this technique?
Paint a canvas with a heavy
coat of acrylics. Then, while still wet and
in a well-ventilated area, use a heat gun to bring
up bubbles in the paint. Let it cool down and then
heat it up again if necessary. When cool, go over
the bubbles with a contrasting paint color so
the cracks and crevasses will be enhanced.
See below.
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I used an old, unwanted painting as my base.
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For simple round forms.
Paint berry forms easily:
To paint quick and easy grapes & berries,
load a round stencil brush with your main paint color
(purple for grapes, red for berries, etc.),
then load white on the outer edge.
Place your loaded brush straight down
on your painting surface, give it a
swirl and lift. Try smaller
and bigger brushes for grape bunches. 
technique, how-to
I used a round foam brush!
See more tips and tricks next time, for many media!



  1. Thank you for these tips.
    I have just discovered mixed media and intend to explore in 2016. Your post is a good starting point for me.
    Thanks again.
    Happy New Year

  2. You're a peach to say so, Christine! Good luck with your explorations.


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