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Lynn Edwards is an abstract painter, mixed media artist and art instructor living in the greater Atlanta area. Her work is held in both private and corporate collections and has been leased by Disney/ABC Television Group. She is represented by 2Rules Fine Art, Marietta, GA. Her studio is located in an idyllic setting surrounded by woods and wildlife, the former providing boundless inspiration and the latter, endless amusement.

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mixed-media, sold
Collage, 8 x 10.5" total, ©2015 Lynn Edwards

Above, Holyrood, acrylic, ink, found and hand-painted papers on watercolor paper (visit if interested in acquiring) .               

Lynn says,"Sometimes artistic inspiration comes from strange places. This was true for Holyrood.  One day my husband, who was in the paper recycling business, spotted a very old, tattered volume moving up a conveyor belt toward a shredder. Knowing how much I love vintage books, he snatched it just in time and brought it home to me. It turned out to be an original volume from a series of biographies of eminent Scotsmen, printed in the early 1800s!

One page spoke of Holyrood, the castle where Mary Queen of Scots once resided. I've always been fascinated by that period in history and by that monarch's tragic story. So I used this page as the basis for my collage, using bright, cheerful colors as a sympathetic counterpoint to Mary's life, which was filled with loss and controversy.

Mountains, acrylic, ink, metal and collage
on 7 x 5" watercolor paper
(Collection of Mr. and Mrs. D. Fletcher)  
©2015 Lynn Edwards

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Blaze, acrylic on 12 x 12" gallery wrap canvas ©2015 Lynn Edwards
(Note from Paula: See if interested in acquiring the wonderful painting above. Also be sure to visit Lynn's two sites!) Website:

The mixed-media painting shown below
is called Before the Dawn. It's 7.75" square
on watercolor paper, mounted on a 10"
square cradled wood panel.(Collection of
the artist. Copyright Lynn Edwards.)
ink, acrylic, painting
Inks and acrylics


  1. Lynn expressed to me her BIG thanks for your great comment, and I, as usual, am grateful too. Thanks, Sue.

  2. Thanks for sharing her talent with all of us. Love the work

  3. Bonnie, I know Lynn would thank you profusely...she's very good at it! And I do, too, thank you for your lovely comment. Sweet! From Paula

  4. I love Lynn's work. "Blaze" is amazing piece.

    1. I think so too, Karen! We both thank your for your kind addition!


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