Friday, February 20, 2015


Have any of you readers ever used a compressor and an
airbrush? It's not easy, in my experience!
Either the nozzle clogs repeatedly or there's another problem with the air pressure or the air supply. I know the paint has to be thin, and I also know that everything must be very well cleaned after each use. I've never used canned that easier?
I've had graininess or "orange peeling" -- common with acrylics drying so fast. Beginners often have "spiders" because they aren't moving their hand soon enough or at the end of a stroke.
I became so frustrated that I sold my equipment and haven't done another airbrush piece since. But I came upon this example from earlier (below) and invite any of you readers to get in touch with me if you wish to showcase your own airbrush pieces.
I know, it's very formally balanced.

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