Sunday, May 25, 2014


Call this a photo-montage technique if you wish. I call it FUN.

The first photo shown here is the original. This art project is far more meaningful if you use your very own pictures.
Paula Guhin photograph
I like the photo as is, but can't help but tinker with copies of it!
I made a color copy of it and also a REVERSED color copy (a negative image in color).
Then I cut them both into strips.
TIP: Sandwich the two copies
and cut them together, all one
direction (either vertically or
horizontally). Vary the width
of the strips if you wish. Discard every
other strip of each copy as you work.

collage, photomontage

TIP: Save the strips you don't use, and create another!

I wanted to make a black and white example, too. Again, I made a positive AND a negative copy of the original.

montage, photomontage, collage
Which one do you like best? Comments are encouraged.

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  1. Interesting. I like the middle one best, but they all have their intrigues. Varying the width adds an interesting twist. Many years ago, my then boyfriend now DH took a photo of himself and did this technique in very thin strips, and (you'd appreciate) added a witty caption.

    1. Thanks, Anon. Does DH stand for dear husband? I like the middle one too!

  2. Love these! Didn't know that you could reverse the colors on a color photo copy machine. I have taken color copies of some of my non-objective pieces and woven them together with interesting results. Thanks, once again, for another great idea!

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