Monday, March 31, 2014

How Do You Feel About Putting a Bird on It?


They are symbolic of freedom and a sign of eternal life. Many stories and folklore suggest that birds were taken as signs of renewed life, often as a transition between life and death. Many even consider them to be an idea or proposal for the future. Certain birds connote magic, or omens, or harbingers. To me, they represent beauty, grace, and cheerfulness.

Here’s a very thorough site that details the “meanings” of many, many kinds of birds:

Paula Guhin
painting, acrylics
Before  all the craftsy hoopla about "putting a bird on it," I used them in my work.

found objects, assemblage
Paula Guhin

acrylics, painting
collage, put a bird on it
Paula Guhin

Do I love all of my works  shown above? Of course not, because some of them were done quite awhile ago. Will I use bird imagery in the future? Probably. But right now not so much...because many amateur or beginner artists on Etsy are putting them on everything, and some of the prices seem high to me, personally speaking.  The distinction between fine art and purely decorative junk should be clear, I think.