Saturday, September 28, 2013


The cover of a book you alter must, of course, be striking. The one below is dimensional, with the leafy design sculpted of paper pulp. You could duplicate the idea by using Sculpey or other products. Press them into a mold if you don't want to form them yourself by hand.
Paula Guhin, mixed media
The background is fabric.
I added shading around the paper sculpture (above) to incorporate it into the design of the cloth cover.

Here's another cover, below, done with a board book I altered. Each "page" was carved into a different curvy shape. The eye (on the inside facing page) shows through  a cut-out hole in the cover.
arts and crafts, P. Guhin
Imagine, by P. Guhin

Remember to design an interesting spine and edges, too! 
altered book, art blog
Beaded trim adds a decorative touch.

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